15 Best Gentle Nail Polish Removers 2021

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Full disclosure: I’m a polish chipper. I’ll slowly peel off gel polish, leaving delicate, ruined nail beds underneath. I forcibly evict press-ons after an hour, glue be damned. Nail polish remover? No thanks, I’d rather completely ruin my hands and then complain about how my nails always break and never grow long. So I get it. If the thought of maturely soaking a cotton round in acetone offends you, just know it offends me too. But we’re adults now. It’s time to stop leaving little piles of nail polish on whichever surface happens to be in our vicinity. I’m tired of paying someone to remove my gel nails when I paid to get them put on in the first place.

So welcome to polish chipper recovery. Here, we invest in nail polish removers. For the gel manis, we bring you liquids strong enough to break down those bonds. For a light coat of polish, we bring you the classics in the family. For the acetone-wary, we bring gentle alternatives. I will offer you every possible option so that together we can stop anxiously chipping off polish. Below, find the 15 best nail polish removers that are so satisfying, you won’t even miss that delightful first peel of an at-home gel manicure removal.

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