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July 18, 2021

Feeling pulled in two opposite directions? On the one hand, you’re longing for a little self-care. But on the other, you’d love to knock out all those tasks piling up on your professional plate. Today’s transit makes it difficult to find a balance, as the Sun clashes with intense Pluto in your career and self-care sectors. Pay attention to your body, Aquarius! If it’s telling you that it needs rest, heed that call. Spend the day lounging in bed or curled up with a soul-stirring book by the pool. Just be sure to keep your phone handy, in case an urgent work matter pops up, because it could. Be flexible when it comes to Sunday’s schedule, as the moon in your structured tenth house squares rigid Saturn in your sign. There may be essential tasks that need to be completed, possibly for work. Don’t allow the full burden to be dropped on your plate only. Firm boundaries will save you from being the martyr.

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