Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

Good luck maintaining your famous Aquarian chill! Starting Wednesday, July 21, ardent Venus shifts into Virgo, where she’ll be rolling in the deep waters of your erotic eighth house until August 16. Feelings may run balmy one minute, then grow stormy the next. No, this is NOT a wave pattern your even-tempered sign prefers. So if a certain relationship keeps bringing out Hurricane Aquarius, you may want to take shelter…away from the triggering soul. A little time and space works magic when you need to get centered and bring back the love. And if absence doesn’t work, remember that autonomy can also make the heart grow fonder. Dive back into your personal passions—and encourage your innermost circle to do the same. You’ll have so much to share with each other when you reunite.

Single and searching? Virgo is the sign of service, making you hot for humanitarians. We’re not suggesting you turn every sound bath into a bathhouse (erm) or get a little too “ecstatic” at Ecstatic Dance. But if you happen to connect to someone attractive and multidimensional while you’re vibing out, well, isn’t THAT a lovely fringe benefit? Are you already half of a purpose-driven power couple? With Venus casting her rosy glow over your zone of joint ventures, your partnership could become more permanent and entwined. Already did that? Scoop a little out of your shared funds and splurge on a luxurious bedroom set or maybe a shamanic retreat in the mountains.

Thankfully, you’ll get some help in the harmonizing department starting late Thursday or early Friday (depending upon your time zone) as the Sun parks in Leo and your seventh house of balanced partnership. This is always an interesting time of year for Water Bearers. On the one hand, it will be easier than ever to draw fascinating people into your orbit between now and August 22. But because el Sol is in its furthest position from Aquarius, your energy tends to feel lower during this annual, four-week cycle. Rule of thumb for Leo season: Don’t push yourself too hard! Take frequent catnaps and hammock meditations (it’s what jungle royals do!). Leave your schedule open for the people you REALLY want to spend time with. (Perhaps snuggled up in that hammock together…) A complementary companion could zip into your world, for business, pleasure, or another purpose. If you’ve already met the rock to your roll, you can generate sparks by collaborating on a project—as long as you also leave time for your individual pursuits.

For other Aquarians, this will be a watershed period where you may realize some fundamental incompatibilities with the person you adore. If you’re not quite ready to call it quits, call the couple’s therapist and book a sit-down. An objective third party may be able to help you bridge the communication gap now. Settling down won’t be the goal though. Any relationship you’re in must inspire you to grow, explore and expand—or at least give you the freedom to do so on your own without any guilt!

Speaking of freedom, Friday is one day that you MUST reserve for “me, myself and I”! The first in a rare back-to-back pair of full moons in your sign powers up your first house of self, identity, style and desire. Prioritize your passions and put yourself out there in a noticeable way. Projects you’ve been working on for the past six months could gain instant visibility with very little effort on your part. And that goes double between now and August 22, when a second full moon blesses your sign.

Is there a noble cause you want to promote? As the zodiac’s humanitarian you are regularly involved in projects that are beneficial to underserved communities. You may step forward as the mouthpiece for a mission that’s dear to your heart. Ultimately, over the coming four weeks, you’ll see that it doesn’t matter whose name is in lights around this venture. It’s your unwavering commitment and sense of shared mission that will make your Aquarian heart sing!

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