Are you an engineer? This Google Program Can Boost Your Cloud Career

The Grow with Google for Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program, trains female engineers to increase their chances of career success in the growing cloud industry.

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Gogle launched the Grow with Google for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative. It is a three-month program that seeks to train more than 100 female engineers and engineering students to increase their job opportunities and professional success in the growing industry of cloud technologies.

Through a statement, the company stated that the program is “in line with our commitment to making diversity, equity and inclusion part of everything we do .”

In the document, the company details that Grows with Google for Women in STEM “will combine weekly virtual sessions on soft skills with cloud topics” and that the attendees will complete an online course to specialize as Associate Cloud Engineer .

Those selected will receive mentoring by members of the Google Cloud team , as well as specialists and other engineers from various schools and institutions, who will share their knowledge and answer their questions during live virtual sessions.

As for soft skills , “the workshops will deal with topics such as unconscious biases, non-verbal language, leadership and how to prepare for a job interview, among others,” says the technology giant.

After completing the training. Participants will receive the certificate with curricular value and will have the opportunity to take an exam to obtain a Google Cloud certification.

Google’s goal is to help reduce the gender gap and inequality that exists in STEM areas. The company points out that in Mexico only 9% of women intend to study a STEM career. And, according to data compiled by the Labor Observatory, in 2020 only 19.5% of professionals employed in some engineering in the country are women.

How to become part of Grow with Google for Women in STEM?

The call is now open and you can register by filling out this form before August 12; The training will begin on September 1, 2021. Google will select the participating engineers in conjunction with InRoads , an NGO dedicated to preparing young students to open more job opportunities to minority groups.

Candidates must have a profile focused on any engineering and be interested in the cloud industry. They must be students with a maximum of one year after graduating, or with less than one year of having completed their studies, in both cases it is required to have a minimum average of eight. In addition, it is necessary that they have access to a computer and internet.

“With this initiative, from Google we seek to help build a more diverse workplace in the field of technology, by opening more opportunities for women in a community where figures show that they are underrepresented ,” said Google.

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