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July 25, 2021

A watched pot never boils, so take advantage of Saturday’s distracting Mercury-Neptune trine and focus on something else. Despite your best efforts, it’s not always up to you how fast things get done, Aries. The lesson, of course, is to be more in tune with the bigger picture—if things (or people) are slow, it could be for a reason. Vent to a friend so the frustration doesn’t get the best of you. Or, go for a brisk walk or blood-pumping run. Your main focus? Dial down the anxiety. Family tension could disrupt your Sunday as Mercury faces off with stormy Pluto. A relative might attempt to force their opinion on you, which never goes down well for a Ram. Don’t get drawn into other people’s fights as the go-between! That will only escalate the issue and lead to misunderstandings. Detachment is key.

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