Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

If wellness goals have fallen by the wayside, please don’t adopt a punishing mindset, Aries. Just start thinking more like a “healthy hedonist” this Wednesday, July 21, when radiant Venus grapevines into Virgo and activates your salubrious sixth house until August 16. While decadent Leo energy reigned since June 27, bottomless fries, froses, and long hammock naps were the summer staples that “sparked joy.” But it’s time to discover more life-enhancing indulgences and treat your body like the temple it is. Pleasure-seeking Venus wants you to have fun. Try stand-up paddle boarding (or SUP yoga); go for long bike rides. Turn salad-making into a sensual art. (Figs and kale? Yes, please.) Since Venus is the planet of romance, apply a similar philosophy to your love life. Single Rams should prioritize qualities like “active lifestyle” and “enjoys cooking at home.” Coupled Rams might take on this mission together. When you’re preparing a romantic dinner, try a Paleo or vegan recipe. Pack the leftovers as a picnic and enjoy long dates along some scenic hiking trails.

But don’t wander TOO far off the beaten path. Leo Season begins late Thursday night or right after midnight on Friday (depending on your time zone), kicking off one of your most joyful times every year. With the Sun firing up your fifth house of fame, leadership and romance until August 22, you want to be in driving distance of that power lunch or audition should opportunity knock (or text). Be proactive. Where would you like more recognition in the weeks ahead? Start posting on social media and ask friends to help sing your praises. If you’ve maxed out the value of your DIY-ing efforts, you might want to hire a publicist or social media whiz who can help you get a wider reach. With style inspiration flooding in with these sunrays, the camera loves you, Aries. If you’re pondering a dramatic new ‘do or some ink, start exploring artists.

Romantically, the Sun’s tour of Leo could spark a renaissance. If you’re single and seeking, swipe right with wild(er) abandon, but also see who catches your eye IRL. No matter your relationship status, expect a few “dramatic arcs” over the coming four weeks. As the passion heats up, play it smart, Aries. No starting fights to keep things “exciting” or making bae be the cat to your mouse. Got babies on the brain…or maybe a creative brainchild to birth? This fertile four-week phase could bring a pink “plus” sign on that test—or your own artistic awakening!

Even the most renegade Rams can find strength in numbers this Friday, July 23, when the full moon in Aquarius brightens your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. That’s not all! This is actually one in a rare back-to-back pair of full moons in Aquarius. So pay special attention to whoever slides into your DMs or accompanies friends for drinks and weekend fun. These “strangers” could be the missing links you’ve been trying to manifest. Not that you’ll know right off the bat! Venus will be opposite Jupiter during this full moon, which casts everyone in the rosiest light. The potential is real…but how about the actuality? Get to know them in a chill, organic way and you’ll see exactly where they fit in by the sequel full moon on August 22.

During this four-week circuit, a group effort could hit a milestone. Celebrate (because you deserve to!) then evaluate if there’s any juice left in this collaboration or whether it’s time to move on. If this is just getting off the ground, manage your expectations out of the gate so you don’t get antsy when things don’t unfold at the speed of light. And remember, Aries: You’re not the only person on this squad. Check in with your collaborators and, should you discover you’re all on very different pages, take it seriously. Diversified perspectives CAN bump a project from great to incredible as long as your differences aren’t TOO fundamental. Got an idea for a digital venture? Talk to the pros to see how viable (and original) it really is. And for single Rams, this lunar lift could shine a light on some online prospect that nearly passed you by. Mix up your tactics and be way more liberal with those right-swipes!

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