‘BusinessKids, el Reality’ premieres, the first TV competition for enterprising children

The program will be broadcast every Sunday on channel 22 and YouTube.

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The company for enterprising children BusinessKids presented this weekend the first episode of BusinessKids, the reality , the television program where 21 children from all over the country will participate in different tests and challenges to continue testing their mettle as entrepreneurs and grow their businesses.

According to BusinessKids , the competition will be divided into three stages: in the first the children will have to overcome the business challenges of the invited companies, in the second, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the participants who managed to advance , they will face a personal challenge. Only children who have passed the previous test will reach the third stage and they will have to prove in the grand final how the four pillars of BusinessKids apply: Personal Strengthening, Business, Finance and Social Responsibility , within their businesses.

BussinesKids, Reality is the first competition for entrepreneurial children in Mexico, in which participants must demonstrate how they have developed their skills as entrepreneurial children. With this, it also seeks to continue raising awareness among people about the importance of transmitting the values of entrepreneurship at an early age, which in the long run will help us to a new generation of responsible entrepreneurs, who are on the right track to Mexico.

The program will be broadcast every Sunday at 10:30 am (CST), at the “Clic Clac” bar, on Channel 22; and in the rest of the world through the YouTube channel with its premiere at 12:00 hours (CST).

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