Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

Your frisky nature might not live close to the surface, but it won’t take much to lure the “horny goat” out of hiding starting this Wednesday, July 21. As vivacious Venus swings into Virgo for her annual visit, she takes a wild romp through your adventurous ninth house. Until August 16, you’ll gladly lift your nose from the grindstone and go in hot pursuit of eye candy. And sure, if there’s potential for “power couple” arm candy, that’s great, too! But during this three-week cycle, you’re more interested in experiencing life and shaping decisions from there (rather than your usual M.O. of decide first, curate experiences second). With your culturally aware ninth house under the love planet’s spell, it’s time to diversify your dating portfolio. For single Sea Goats, that might mean opening yourselves up to a wider array of “types.” Attached Capricorns, can you get a baecation on the books before mid-August? Any change of scenery will be an aphrodisiac, whether you’re jetting to a seaside villa or renting an Airbnb twenty miles from home.

Of course, you’re a stable earth sign, and invariably, you need equal doses of lust AND trust. When the Sun cruises into Leo and your erotic eighth house late Thursday or early Friday (depending upon your time zone), you can look forward to a monthlong cycle of magnetizing people who tick both boxes. We’re not discounting the importance of physical attraction, but when it comes along with a mind-body-soul connection…chef’s kiss! Turn up the heat in that sexy situationship. You’ll never know if you’ve found a soulmate if you keep ’em at arm’s length. Take a weekend trip together; spend multiple consecutive nights sleeping at each other’s apartments. By August 22, you’ll have a lot more clarity. Then, if there’s room to keep growing, you can REALLY take that committed leap. Coupled Caps can enjoy this sexy time, too! But you may need to address a catalog of unspoken grievances before you feel like scattering any rose petals on the bed. Set a time for a heart-to-heart—and make sure the atmosphere is conducive to constructive conversation.

Business partnerships could undergo some creative shifts. Divvying things up 50/50 isn’t the only way, so stay nimble. Maybe one person provides more of the funding while the other adds more sweat equity, like time and hustle, to keep it fair and square. Speaking of finances, the eighth house rules passive income—anything not made from the 9-5 “punch in, punch out.” Use the next four weeks to work on your investment portfolio, or up your financial IQ by learning the basics about retirement funds and playing the market. If you have property to buy or sell, have it appraised or set up the Zillow alerts!

Finances will be front and center on Friday when the full moon in Aquarius—the first in a rare, consecutive pair—beams into your pragmatic second house. Growing your fortune is always a top goal, Capricorn. But this moon’s message is more about streamlining and simplifying. Spend less and you save (and invest) more, right? Under this lunar light, start searching for ways to stretch your coin. If you’re on the hunt for more gainful employment, have an experienced friend or coach review your presentation. Before the sequel full moon on August 22, you might want to polish up your profiles and get a portfolio of wins together in an easy-to-show format. If taking a couple of classes makes you more employable—or eligible for better pay—consider that training a wise investment.

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