Cassie, the first bipedal robot to run 5 kilometers in less than an hour

On a single battery charge Cassie completed a tour outside the walls of Oregon State University.

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Cassie , a bipedal robot created by the Oregon State University-based Agility Robotics team, managed to complete a 5-kilometer journey outside her home. It only used one battery charge to finish it in a total time of 53 minutes and three seconds.

The route of the automaton was traced by means of the indications of a remote control and it was programmed with a series of algorithms that allowed it to maintain its balance and a speed of 5.7 kilometers per hour. In the course of a spin caused it to fall and it will heat up, the team solved the problem in 6.5 minutes.

Cassie’s main objective is that in the future this type of machines can deliver mail, help with household chores, assist people with motor disabilities or in offices. It is a project that was approved in 2017, received a million dollars from the Department of Defense so that it will be manufactured in 16 months.

Today, they continue to improve their system. Jeremy Dau , one of the team members, explained that “Cassie is a very efficient robot because of how it was designed and built, and we were able to really push the limits of the hardware and demonstrate what it can do.” It also has multiple systems. cameras and LIDAR , a system that by means of a laser is responsible for measuring and locating objects.

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