Crazy mariachi wants to dance! Clip breaks Guinness Record for longest card payment

The Mexican fintech carried out 300 consecutive transactions, without interruptions, in record time, thus managing to win the title.

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The Scream is close and Clip knows it. Just under a month after the celebration of Mexico’s Independence, the electronic payments fitech set the Guinness Record for the longest run of people processing card payments.

To the rhythm of mariachi, Clip carried out 300 consecutive transactions, without interruptions or complications, in record time with which he managed to win the title.

Image: Courtesy Clip

“With the support of such an important icon for Mexican culture as mariachis, we show that we are the key tool for all businesses in Mexico, of any size, of any industry and from any part of the country, to increase their sales, “said Alan Chernovetzky, Clip’s marketing manager, during the event.

Accompanied by guitars, trumpets and violins, Clip also announced the support it will continue to provide to participating mariachis by imparting a series of free online trainings, with the aim of helping them in their digital transformation and growth of their client portfolio, so that they do grow their sales and promote the Mexican economy.

During the Guinness World Records evaluation, the “Best Mexican Scream to free the soul” and “The Best Zapateado” contests were held before the jury made up of #TeamGama, made up of Jesús Gama and Chadbi. Likewise, the Folkloric Ballet of the Compañía Danza México Vivo joined in an emotional act accompanying the mariachis who played in unison the songs “México, lindo y Hermoso” and “Cielito lindo”.

A few weeks ago, the Mexican fintech Clip became the third Mexican startup to reach the “unicorn” milestone, that is, a valuation of more than one billion dollars, in less than a year behind Kavak and Bitso.

Image: Courtesy Clip

Clip was founded in 2012 by Adolfo Babatz and Vilash Poovala and became popular in Mexico among corner stores, street vendors and small businesses thanks to its credit card reader that adapts to smartphones.

The Clip solution has become popular in national commerce thanks to the fact that it accepts all credit cards, debit cards, vouchers and contactless payment methods.

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