Elon Musk Plans to Send Humans to the Moon Before 2024

Musk’s SpaceX is closer to starting Starship’s suborbital testing.

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 As as the race of millionaires in space continues, SpaceX founder Elon Musk responded to a message from a netizen, who asked if he expected to have Starship ready to move humans to the moon in 2024 (despite other delays).

“Probably sooner,” the tycoon responded.

Musk’s company is closer to starting suborbital testing of Starship, a spacecraft that seeks to take objects and humans to the Moon and Mars. The billionaire also posted on Twitter that Starship’s first orbital stack should be ready to fly “in a few weeks,” pending regulatory approval.

In May, SpaceX achieved a successful flight and landing of its Starship SN15 prototype, the reusable vehicle with which it plans to carry out these space missions. This happened after several unsuccessful attempts.

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The entire spacecraft is 120 meters tall when fitted into a super heavy first-stage thruster. SpaceX’s suborbital test plans to get one of its prototypes to leave the atmosphere and re-enter with a soft landing.

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