Everything To Know About Tape-In Extentions Before Scheduling Your Next Appointment

Say goodbye to your old clip-ins and say hello to the new innovated tape-in extensions. Tape-in extensions are the perfect way to add luxurious volume and length to your hair for a short period, lasting one to two months. In addition, the extensions are painless, non-damaging, and highly versatile–you can even rock a high ponytail without the extensions showing.

Plus, unlike clip-ins and wigs that can be uncomfortable to wear, tape-in extensions are relatively painless. Think of hair extensions that are lightweight and breathable, so they won’t be pulling at your natural strands.

We chatted with Atlanta-based Hairstylist Kaleah Slay from Slayologyco Studio ATL about the process of installing the extensions, up-keep, and the best hair to use. Here is everything you to know about tape-ins before you schedule an appointment.

Unlike clip-ins, tape-in extensions have to be professionally installed.

Tape-in extensions are one to one and a half inches of sections of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade glue to your hair. The extensions have to be professionally installed by a licensed cosmetologist. Tape-ins can not be DIYed, unlike clip-ins. The extensions must be applied to clean hair to ensure that the adhesive sticks on the client’s hair. Once the hair is straightened or blown out, the hairstylist will then “sandwich” the two wefts of extensions with the client’s hair in between. Tape-in extensions installment also require no tools or chemicals.

Tape-ins will last from eight to ten weeks, depending on new growth and quality of extensions.

Once the hair has grown out quite a bit, the extensions will need to be taken out by a professional. The hairstylist will use a specific tape-in remover solution to make the process painless and easy, leaving your natural hair undamaged.

Tape-in extensions come in different hair textures.

Tape-in extensions are sold in various hair textures, from Type 1 to Type 4 hair. Curly-haired clients will need to receive a blowout or silk press for the popular luxurious long pressed look so that the natural hair will blend in with the straight extensions. In this case, Slay recommends that “qavy and curly textures to be mindful that as your new growth comes in your natural texture will be exposed.” For long-lasting results, purchasing a hair type that matches your natural hair will work best.

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You can wash your hair with tape-in extensions installed.

It is recommended to wash your hair with tape-in extensions installed since it is a semi-permanent hairstyle. It is vital to keep the adhesive strip clear of moisture and dirt. Once your hair starts to become oily or dirty, wash it immediately to ensure the lasting of the extension.

Slay recommends using an alcohol-free shampoo that has natural ingredients.

Tape-in extensions are not recommended for people with dry scalp.

Tape-in adhesive strips are extremely sensitive to moisture. So, oiling your scalp is a big no! For people who suffer from a dehydrated scalp, tape-in extensions are not the healthiest hairstyle to get due to lack of moisture. In addition, a dry scalp can lead to hair breakage.

Naturalistas who work out can wear tape-in extensions as well.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that one must choose between working out or their silk press. Many curly-gals usually shy away from hair extensions that require a part of their natural being left out. But, Tape-in extensions are natural hair friendly. Slay works with many clients who have naturally curly hair and have a daily workout regime. Slay suggested that clients “use a blow dryer on cool setting when they get home from the gym.” She added, “blow-dry your roots completely before putting any tensions with combing or washing. Also, make sure the tape is completely dry before manipulating the hair.”

Quality is key.

To ensure that you are getting the best buy for your buck, purchasing human hair is the right way to go. Even though human hair can become expensive, quality hair will allow for more extended wear as the adhesive lasts for many installments.

For a super silky look, Slay recommends Bellami and Glam Seamless Priscilla Valles Collection, which both sell straight and body wave human hair along with custom coloring. “I recommend buying the color pre-colored because the tape can not get wet before applying,” said Slay.

For clients who want a curly hair look and wash their hair a lot, Slay recommends Studio Techilo. ‘The tape holds so well. Studio Techilo will last eight to ten weeks for sure.”

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