Gemini Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

Desperately seeking…a spoonmate? If you feel more like cuddling in a hammock than recording TikToks this week, don’t be surprised. Starting Wednesday, July 21, sweet, sentimental Venus nestles into your domestic fourth house putting you in an affectionate, lowkey groove until August 16. Even the “old marrieds” among you will be craving more TLC. First order of business: unfurl your mitts from your digital devices so you have a free hand for, mmm, better things. Try instituting a mobile-free policy when you’re enjoying quality time with other humans. The world will not come crashing down if you “forget” to bring your cell phone on a starlight stroll. In fact, this Venus cycle can teach you a lot about the highly seductive power of presence. If you don’t already live with your love interest, cohabitation may become a hot topic over the coming few weeks. And roll out the welcome mat for the muse! In DIY Virgo, Venus may turn your “maison” into a maker’s space. Crafty Gems could be up late reupholstering chairs and hand-dipping candles. More of an enthusiast than an artisan? Open up your space for a book (or wine) club meeting or host a dinner party for your BFFs before the summer is officially through.

Relax, Twin, you don’t have to break up with your iPhone. It won’t let you ignore it anyway, not once Leo Season begins late Thursday, early Friday (depending on your time zone). With el Sol casting a spell in your garrulous third house (AKA “the Gemini house”) until August 22, you’ll play monarch to the other social butterflies on many days. But is your heart into the scene? As an ever-evolving mutable sign, your social interests may be totally different now than they were a year ago. Use the coming four weeks to connect to people who are on your current wavelength.

When it comes to your own projects and communications, are your words hitting the mark? If not, enlist a stylist, social media expert or editor to help you repackage “the Gemini brand” so that your missives match your mission. Is there a sister city calling your name? Over the coming four weeks, you may be commuting between neighborhoods. Speaking of which, does your transportation need an upgrade? Handle the necessary tune-ups, Twin. Even if you’re trading in your gas-powered car for an electric model, you still want to get the most bang for your buck.

Speaking of journeys, a far-flung destination could call your name (or ping you on WhatsApp) this Friday, July 23. Thank the full moon in Aquarius, which will be powering up your ninth house of travel, adventure and multicultural connections. Better still? There’s a second full moon in this sign a month from now, on August 22, which will stoke your intrepid urges for a second time. Bottom line? The coming four weeks are peak manifesting time for all kinds of expansion. Whether that’s launching your own start-up or embarking on your own epic journey, think bigger. Farther, too! This might be the perfect time for a global outreach initiative. And under this sprawling lunar lift, you could find fate or fortune in far-flung corners of the planet.

Romantically speaking, this is a time for singles to widen their horizons (literally and metaphorically). A long-distance relationship, whether for business or pleasure, could take off now. Give different types a chance. What you think is “up your alley” might be a dead-end, or vice versa! Coupled Geminis should mix up their venues—and date night activities—as much as possible for the rest of the month. Pack a sunset or learn some new dance moves. Doing it together can dial up the passion!

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