Google Meet will now warn you if you are causing an echo

The platform will add a text notification that says “you are causing an echo, find help here”.

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced many work teams and schools to meet through video calling applications, this caused developers to work on improvements for these platforms in order to provide a better experience to their users.

Among the most talked about this season we find Zoom , Microsoft Team and of course Google Meet , the last one that is testing an option to notify its users when they are generating an echo.

“The ‘echo’ can occur when your system feeds back the audio on a call. Most of the time, Meet will intelligently control the audio to remove it. However, sometimes it still happens and causes others to hear an echo from your device when they speak, ”explains Google Workspace .

Image: Google Workspace.

When the platform detects a noticeable echo in the system of a user, which may be affecting the listening of the other participants of the call, it will notify you with a red dot on the options button, and will add a text notification that says “you are causing an echo, find help here ”.

To correct it, you must click on the notification which will guide you to the help center of the app, where you will find some steps to prevent this annoying sound.

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