Hailey and Justin Bieber Wear Clashing Prints on Date Night

Hailey and Justin Bieber continued their street style streak this week in another fresh summer date look for their dinner at Spago in Beverly Hills. The couple stepped out in clashing prints: Hailey wore an Alessandra Rich floral dress with Gianvito Rossi heels and a green Bottega Veneta bag; Justin complemented her in a white top, navy pants, and an open short-sleeve top with pastel detailing.

justin and hailey bieber


Hailey spoke to ELLE earlier this year about how she initially coped with the attention surrounding her relationship with Justin. “In the beginning of our marriage, I just wanted to hide,” she said. “I was like, ‘I don’t want people so in my business. I feel like everybody’s up my ass.’ I was like, ‘Can there be no anonymity? Can I have any of it back?’”

Hailey opted to turn off public comments on her Instagram so that only people she follows can comment on her photos. “I remember someone telling me that [turning off the public comments] really lowers your engagement,” she recalled. “And I was like, ‘I could give a fuck about engagement! People are terrorizing me. Engagement, enschagement. I don’t care!’”

She was also open about how “very difficult” her first year of marriage to Justin was and how their relationship improved after. “I learn new things about him and about myself and about our relationship all the time. Do we have little fights and stuff that we have to work through sometimes? Yeah, of course, but it really doesn’t ever feel like work, because I love him so much. I see forever with him.”

“I think any relationship can fail, Hollywood or not,” she added, noting the expectation some have that celebrity marriages are more likely to end. “Is it harder in the public eye? Absolutely. But I think the two of us are grounded by our faith. I’m not saying it’s this easy-peasy thing that doesn’t take work. We talk to a therapist. We do what we have to do.”

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