‘it’s great, but it doesn’t go with my image’

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A young debutante meets the boy who will become her suitor. However, this girl has no idea why she has some reactions when she sees him or what is supposed to happen after the wedding night. Daphne Bridgerton has not had the proper sex education, and in my personal opinion, neither has her future husband.


It happened in the time known as the Regency Period , and, although in a very different way, it may continue to happen today. Fabiana M Weigend and Julio Andrés Sojo Ramírez , two recently married millennials , found an opportunity when discussing their different paradigms regarding their sexual education.

“[After we got married] we had these talks about the non-existence of sexual education in my person and in that of my wife and in fact we realized that we came from different schools. I was a little more ‘ Montessori’ and she a little more traditional, but the topic of: ‘listen to you at school [did they talk to you about] the sexual subject?’ and he said: ‘no, nothing’ and your parents? ‘No, then less’… And mine is the same ”, explains Julio Andrés in an interview with Entrepreneur in Spanish .

In this way, Meibi was born, a platform that aims to teach people about sexual issues, without any taboo and for free. “We invited a friend who is a sexologist, to give more scientific data [to users], and what he did before the pandemic, was to teach children. In other words, I took courses like for pre-adolescents, ”says Julio Andrés.

“[Currently] more sexologists are joining the team, which is great, so it is not only my personal experience as a user, but these people who really have masters in this give the talk in a wonderful way … In fact, all the Thursday we have a collaborator who opens Zoom spaces for people to ask questions about the daily life of a couple or sexual life, or whatever; and a dynamic father is put together of being like talking with friends, even though nobody knows each other, you’ve never seen them in your life ”, says the entrepreneur.

In this context, it is important to mention that “broad-spectrum sex education (CSE) helps improve sexual and reproductive health, which in turn results in a reduction in sexually transmitted infections (STIs). ), HIV and unintended pregnancy, ”according to the Emerging Evidence, Lessons and Practice in Comprehensive Sexuality Education – A Global Review 2015 study. ], published by UNESCO .

Meibi was born in 2019 as a free online sex education platform. However, months later it would bear fruit that its creators had not originally thought of.

Image: Courtesy of Shark Tank México.

By the power of the lunar prism “transformation”

Between talks and talks, observing the experience of the people and learning to manage the topics for each class, Julio and Fabiana found a business opportunity that they could not ignore.

Have you ever been to a sex shop? How was your experience? “The user experience when going to a sex shop is pretty bad… That’s when we said, how about that within this sex education brand, we make our own brand of toys. And we are already beginning to see, to rally the idea ”. In this way, “Meibi”, in addition to being an educational platform, is “transformed” into an online store of sex toys.

“We are a 100% Mexican platform for Positive Sex Education & Online Sex Shop. A space that will accompany you to meet and solve doubts, inform you and connect healthily in body and mind through a better understanding of your sexuality.

Through a lot of information, we want to claim pleasure and understand that each body is a possibility of feeling good… ”, they explain in their manifesto .

The commercial part of this social enterprise was born in March 2020 with an investment of 200 thousand Mexican pesos. Until today the platform has sold around 20 million pesos.

“We started by selling one, two, that is,“ Ah! Yes what father we have this ecommerce opportunity. And all of a sudden, boom! 10, 20, 30. The goal is going to be to sell 50 in a month. And then there were days when we sold 100 in 24 hours ”, explains Fabiana. A project that started with 3 or 4 people now has a team of 28, mostly women.

‘Remove the taboo’

After having so much demand for products, the founders of Meibi, started up and today most of their items are designed, manufactured and sold in Mexico.

Meibi is just steps away from opening its first physical store in Mexico City. However, your main strategy will always be ecommerce.

“This store is going to be more like an experience, we do not believe that it will sell billions of pesos there physically because people also find it very comfortable to receive it at home due to the confidentiality issue … We are far from what to talk about. sex toys come naturally. The truth is that people still feel very sorry. But we are not moving forward… So part of the benefits of ecommerce is that you click on a button, they come to you and it is over and that’s it ”, explains Julio Andrés.

Uncle ‘feisbuk’ doesn’t like this

The most difficult thing for these entrepreneurs is the visibility and the marketing theme. Julio and Fabiana comment that it has been the most challenging since they must curate their content and posts on social networks very well. However, “word of mouth” has worked very well for them and is reflected both in their sales and in the participation they have achieved from their community.

On Instagram they have 96.7 thousand followers, on Facebook with 4,935; on Twitter with 3,959 followers and have a repurchase rate of 20 percent.

“We have a 20% buyback, because people really come with us to consume their first toy, and then the second and the third and the fourth, but this Meibi is the beginning of commercialization. That is to say, it is being there, seeing, talking with us. Find out that nothing happens ”.

“It’s great, but I’m out because it doesn’t suit my image”

The entrepreneurs arrived at Shark Tank México, which airs every Friday at 9:30 p.m. on Canal Sony asking for 5 million pesos for a 10% stake in the company and although they received congratulations from the sharks, many of them decided not to. invest because the product did not fit their image.

Women don’t give up

Currently, Meibi users are made up of approximately 85% women and 15% men. And although they do not want to leave the male audience aside, they do seek to satisfy their female community very well.

Being on the show was a great experience. “I in particular, I can tell you that, as a woman, I entered that place and saw Ale and Marisa , and they were always smiling at me, as if there I felt a little supported and as I said to myself, well, well, get off your nerves” explains Fabiana.

Likewise, the entrepreneur comments that every day there is more room for entrepreneurs and that “there are always ways.”

“For example: if you need money, there are funds. If you need someone to teach you about human capital, then there are those. There are always many people who want to help and who want to enhance all this part. So if you have any idea, look, look, do not give up, not the first, not the second, or the third, tell you not this is not here “, culminates.

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