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July 24, 2021

While you want to go with the flow this weekend, know that you’re also a bit of a psychic sponge. For this you can thank (or blame) messenger Mercury, who’s been plunged in your esoteric twelfth house since July 11. Shield your field on Saturday, when boundary-challenged Neptune enters the game. If you aren’t careful, you could lose hours problem-solving for someone who isn’t even ready for that kind of “fix.” As tough as it is to detach, speak your piece, then change the subject. Otherwise, you could wake up with a resentment hangover on Sunday when stormy Pluto throws down a challenge to Mercury. No matter the case, plan for a day of self-care, even if that means stealing away for a one-hour massage or asking another parent if you can drop off your kid for an afternoon playdate. If a relationship feels nebulous, you’ll be tempted to clarify terms. Try, Leo, but if you get resistance, chill. This is NOT a discussion that should be forced in any way.

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