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Work hard, then play harder, Libra! While others are lounging poolside, this month finds you taking care of your priorities, pumping out the “deliverables” and making savvy moves toward your goals, especially while the Cancer Sun heats up your career house through July 22. But you’ll happily morph into a social butterfly after a long day’s work, networking AND enjoying the newly reopened world. Mixing business and pleasure is your specialty, and this month you can get back to creating that magic again. Sure, you might be a little out of practice after a long pandemic shutdown, but it won’t take much to get you back in the groove. Pro tip: Four of the five slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) are in powered-down retrograde for the rest of summer, so enjoy reconnecting but don’t promise anything too demanding. Reserve the right to pivot and change your mind—and don’t fence yourself in! Team Libra could be an active (and occasionally stressful) scene as collaborations will pop off all month long. Once the Sun moves into Leo and your teamwork zone on July 22, you’ll be more inclined to join forces or find win-win avenues for achieving your ambitions. A moment of fame, a summer romance—or both—could arrive near the July 23 Aquarius full moon.

Mars, Saturn and Uranus butt heads in early July

Conflict at command central! In the first couple days of July, assertive and hotheaded Mars, which is in Leo and your group activity zone, will get into two intense clashes with Saturn and Uranus. On July 1, Mars will lock into an opposition with repressive Saturn in Aquarius and your fifth house of glamour and fame. You may get a bout of “stage fright,” becoming hypercritical of your public image or paralyzed by perfectionism. While your fears are likely exaggerated, try to sort out reality from paranoid fantasy. Maybe you COULD stand to polish up your public-facing act with better quality headshots, a tighter pitch or a little less heartstring-tugging and more solid facts. Balancing between head and heart is the key to success. Take this moment as an opportunity to uplevel your presentation and add a sheen that’s sophisticated but not stuffy. On July 3, pushy Mars and volatile Uranus will get ensnared in a challenging 90-degree square, which could bring up deep-seated emotions, resentment and trust issues. Jealousy could flare, but don’t indulge any knee-jerk reactions; get the facts. There will be enough fireworks in the sky this week! That said, the tension between lusty Mars and spontaneous Uranus in your erotic eight house could make for a sizzling summer escapade. Didn’t see that one coming, did you Libra?

The Sun is in Cancer until July 22

With the Sun in Cancer heating up your tenth house of career, status and hard-earned recognition until Thursday, July 22, your long-term professional goals take top billing. Yes, your friends may all be frolicking at the beach or slipping off for their first vacations in months. And you should certainly enjoy summer fun too, Libra. Just be sure to carve out a dedicated block of hours each day when you can buckle down and make headway on those milestones. Last month, you may have had a lot of visionary ideas that inspired you. But how, exactly, will you pull those off? Cancer season invites you to make a master plan, reverse-engineering the steps you can take to turn dreams into reality. Feeling the weight of responsibility on your shoulders? Remind yourself during this “no pain, no gain” solar transit that your temporary sacrifices will have reverberating results. A well-deployed effort could earn you major points with the powers that be. If you’re pitching a plum client, make sure you have a top-drawer presentation that not only looks sleek but has all the necessary facts and figures.

The July 9 Cancer new moon activates your ambition

Aim those ambitious arrows skyward! When the Cancer new moon plants its seed of possibilities in your career zone on Friday, July 9, take a step in the direction of your dream job or passion project. This could be the beginning of a whole new chapter in your career. Think long-term and plot a six-month course for your new venture. Where would you like to be when the Cancer full moon arrives on January 17, 2022?. Your father or an important man could play into events at the new moon since the tenth house governs male-identified people. Working with a mentor or coach can also boost an area where you need more structure. Prioritize regular sessions, whether that means meeting with a trainer on Zoom (or IRL now) or joining a small mastermind to keep yourself accountable. The results you achieve will be worth it!

Chiron turns retrograde on July 15

Are you avoiding pain around a past relationship—or maybe your current one? Healer-feeler Chiron turns retrograde in your partnership house on July 15, pushing you to explore deeper issues around your closest ties. Perhaps you fear getting too close to others. If so, this is the time to really ask yourself why. (And no, Libra, it’s not because “people can’t be trusted” or whatever self-protective reason you’ve made up.) Working with a therapist or spiritual teacher could help you get to the heart of this inner conflict between now and December 19. As you shift your energy, the people around you may “miraculously” change theirs.

It’s Leo season starting July 22

Some lightness arrives starting July 22, when the Sun shifts into Leo and your eleventh house of group cohesion. All together now! After the twists and turns of July, leaning on supportive friends is the medicine you need. Blow off steam by socializing and communing with your crew. You’ve proven that you can be strong and self-sufficient, Libra—and kudos for the valiant effort. But we weren’t meant to go through this life alone, especially if it causes unnecessary struggle and suffering. You’ve worked hard through Cancer season, and now it’s time for some well-earned fun. Mix business and pleasure! Step away from the grind and make a few dates for walks by the water or coffee al fresco to get back into the face-to-face groove?

July 23 brings the first of a rare duo of Aquarius full moons

Summer romance and fun—at last! This year, the heavens deliver a rare doubleheader of back-to-baclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ck Aquarius full moons, also known as a blue moon. The first one arrives on Friday, July 23, to energize your playful, sexy fifth house. About time! Prepare for an exciting turning point in your love life or for your talents to get some recognition, even bringing a brush with fame. It will be impossible NOT to express yourself now, and you could have a lovely moment where you feel content and full-hearted, in sync with the joy of being alive. Just be careful because under a charged fifth-house full moon, events could get dramatic, and buried emotions could surge to the surface. Maintain that Libra balance when tempers threaten to flare. Look back to the February 11 Aquarius new moon for clues about what could manifest—and plan for even more good news (and happy vibes) when the second Aquarius full moon arrives on August 22.

Jupiter retrograde backs into Aquarius on July 28

Are we having fun yet? On July 28, expansive Jupiter, which has been retrograde in Pisces and your health zone since June 20, will reverse into Aquarius and your fifth house of love and romance until December 28. Jupiter first moved into Pisces on May 13, motivating you to make shifts around your well-being and to organize your life. Not exactly the sexiest transit, but after a hedonistic first half of the year, a little of that Libra balance was probably welcome!

In late December 2020, lucky Jupiter and regimented Saturn began a tandem trek through Aquarius, putting the spotlight on love, creativity, glamour and self-expression. Maybe you made a bold change to your appearance or became more publicly vocal with your message. At the same time, Saturn has helped you refine your approach, reminding you that “less is more.” (No need to hit ‘em over the head with your awesomeness, Libra!) On May 13, Jupiter shifted gears into Pisces and your health zone, giving you a brief respite from the dramatic (but never dull) pace of 2021.

Now, for the next five months, Jupiter will return to Aquarius and your passionate fifth house. But there are lessons to learn since Jupiter will be retrograde until October 18 (and Saturn until October 10). A love affair that took off in early 2021 could hit a stumbling block—or temporarily downshift—giving you some time and space to evaluate. A dating detox might not be the worst idea now.

While Jupiter’s retrograde for the next three months, an ex could resurface, pinging you from the distance. Perhaps the time is right for you to give this another go? Travel-loving Jupiter’s backspin indicates that you might be geographically separated, especially since Saturn is also retrograde here until October 10. Couples may have to work overtime to keep the romantic spark alive, perhaps due to busy schedules. Even if you’re happily coupled, you may still find that you need a little extra “me time.” If you’re contemplating a serious next step, don’t rush (not that Libras ever would). But DO think about what you need to feel confident and comfortable in a long-term commitment—and spell that out!

Venus and Mars are in Leo for most of the month

Ready for some lightness and fun in your summer lovin’ lineup? For most of this month, love planets Venus and Mars will both flit through Leo and your communal eleventh house (Venus until July 21, Mars until July 29). This is a good cycle for socializing as a duo, perhaps hosting a party at your home or rallying your crew for drinks at a newly reopened hangout. Single? Your friends will happily play Cupid if asked, or you might meet an intriguing prospect through mutual pals. Since the eleventh house rules all things digital, online dating or a flirty chat session could lead to more. Use this socially aware transit to get more involved in your community or a cause that matters to you. What better way to meet someone than through shared interests and values?

Venus enters Virgo on July 21

Is someone toying with your heart or dangling the real deal? When alluring Venus darts into your dreamy twelfth house from July 21 until August 16, you may have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality. If you’re newly dating, take ample time to really get to know the other person. Don’t let the explosive chemistry tempt you to blindly trust. Feeling that soulmate connection? Enjoy it but be careful not to veer into obsession. Only time and enough shared experiences will tell whether this person is worthy of that title.

Mars joins Venus in Virgo on July 29

No more conflict avoidance! As assertive Mars joins Venus in your twelfth house of closure and healing from July 29 to September 14, Libras in long-term relationships have a golden opportunity to clear the air of lingering resentment. Bravely confronting the issue now will stop things from snowballing into a major avalanche (and possible deal breaker) later on. If you’ve been on the edge of calling it quits, decisive Mars will help you either give it one last legitimate shot or find the courage to move on. Happy couples can use this cycle to let down your guard with a partner. Vulnerability is endearing, Libra!

It’ll be easy to drown in heavy emotions with Mars in this deep-feeling zone. Try to catch yourself when you fixate on an ex or obsess over someone’s mixed signals. Even a hot prospect could cause you to get swept away on the wings of these imagination spin-outs. Couples need to be crystal-clear in their communication during this hypersensitive time. Before you unleash any accusations, know that you’re prone to projecting your own baggage onto others.

A new career chapter is opening up for you this month, Libra! For starters, the Sun in Cancer is heating up your professional tenth house until July 22, putting you in #boss mode. On July 9, an ambitious Cancer new moon breaks ground for a six-month cycle of success. Take the first steps toward a lofty goal, focusing on where you’d like to be in early 2022. Then, reverse-engineer the process needed to help you reach this milestone. Have you been toiling away behind the scenes? The July 23 Aquarius full moon nudges you in front of the camera as it lights up your fifth house of fame and heartfelt self-expression. Bring more of YOU into the picture, both literally and symbolically. Tell a moving story, share an inspiring personal transformation, reveal a hidden talent to your fanbase! This is the first of a rare double dose of Aquarius full moons (the next is August 22). The cosmos is hosting a monthlong coming-out party for you, Libra. Do something brave and bold each day to reveal your authentic self, and soon enough, it will become second nature—or at least, a lot more comfortable.

Love Days: 24, 29

Money Days:9, 18

Luck Days: 6, 16

Off Days: 14, 4

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