Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

Your gift for drawing out hidden potential will be in rare form starting this Wednesday, July 21. As your ruler, enchanting Venus, drifts into Virgo, she’ll be floating down the river of your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Where other people see flaws, you’ll see possibility. But is this vision real or an illusion? No one can stop you from exploring a path that speaks to your soul between now and August 16. That’s all well and good, Libra, as long as you stop and give yourself regular reality checks. Rule number one: People aren’t projects. If you want to harness Venus’ partnership powers, you BOTH need to be willing to put in an effort. True, you may be more of the one-Libra pep squad at first.

To avoid getting depleted supporting a loved one during the stubborn “start-up” phase, keep your own tanks filled. Get plenty of sleep, book a massage, eat clean and move your body often to get stuck energy flowing. When you’re feeling heavy and burdened, an Epsom salt bath does wonders. Coupled Libras may feel adrift during this Venus cycle, perhaps due to an unresolved issue you swept under the rug. Instead of stewing in resentment, head straight to couple’s therapy—or your own private session if you need to work it out alone.

No matter the course of your love life, you won’t be lacking company starting Thursday, July 22. As the Sun bursts into Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology in the wee hours of Thursday, or just past midnight into Friday (depending on your time zone), it sends your popularity skyrocketing. This month-long solar cycle is one of your most influential windows every year. Onboarding people to your big ideas will be easier than ever. Your enthusiasm alone might sell them, but take time to spec out the full picture. Include potential benefits AND an honest risk assessment. You’ll want to be prepared to answer every concern that may arise. People will appreciate your transparency; in fact, with cautious Cancer and Virgo planets co-piloting the Leo Sun, this will be a selling point.

Make a point of exploring scenes that have intrigued you for a while. You’ll feel right at home among artist communities, activist groups and, basically, anywhere that the cutting-edge thought-leaders are convening. Since Leo rules your eleventh house of tech, you may find your squad online. Developing a digital venture, like a website or downloadable product or e-book, could prove profitable. You might even crowdfund it, if you need to generate start-up capital.

On Friday, the first of a rare consecutive pair of full moons in Aquarius powers up your fifth house of fame and passion. Good luck dodging any spotlights. In fact, you may feel like a giant red carpet is rolling out for you between now and the sequel full moon on August 22. Give people something to talk (and tweet!) about with your OOTDs and wild self-expression. If you don’t like being “the subject,” share your art, social justice work, a snippet from that memoir you’ve been writing. Promotional windows like this don’t come around every day, Libra, and though your benevolent sign likes to help others win, it’s okay to be front and center yourself now! For other Libras, inspiration may strike. Throw yourself into this work—er, play—and you could have a masterpiece to show for yourself over the next couple months.

If you’re looking for love, intensify your dating efforts over the next four weeks leading up to the sequel full moon on August 22. Just getting out of your box and mixing things up can significantly shift the energy. This full moon fans the flames of passion for coupled Libras, too. You could fall back in love with your partner and, if you’re ready to start or expand a family, this lunation is great for fertility! But note that since the fifth house rules theatrics, there could be a little drama in the coming weeks. No sulking, please! With kindness and compassion, get issues out into the open where you can actually resolve them.

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