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July 17, 2021

Right when you’re finally starting to feel stable, Saturday’s tumultuous opposition between the self-centered Sun and controlling Pluto knocks you off your axis. A toxic personality could stir up drama in your personal life or a devious colleague could undermine your efforts behind the scenes. Take the high road instead of calling them out, which will only fuel their fire. Dismiss petty antics with a clever joke—or outright ignore them—then keep it movin’. This weekend, people will only have as much power over you as you give them! The tense vibes carry over into Sunday, as the moon squares limiting Saturn and tests your patience. A needy loved one could once again take advantage of your generosity. Express your frustration, just choose your words carefully. Things could escalate quickly if you start playing the blame game or slinging insults. The best tactic? Simply excuse yourself from the situation and enjoy a solo Sunday afternoon. Tell them you’re busy—and definitely don’t say yes to that “tiny little favor” because it will eat up your whole day!

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