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July 24, 2021

If you find yourself in a prickly mood this Saturday, make room for your emotions. A heart-opening trine between mental Mercury and deep-diving Neptune is bringing buried feelings to the surface. Your first instinct may be to avoid them, perhaps with the numbing agent of a large bowl of ice cream or boozy brunch. Avoid the avoidance! A little introspection brings epic insights that can turn this all around. You just have to get past the discomfort of any sadness or anger that arises. You’ve got this! Try your best to improvise on Sunday, as Mercury locks into a strained opposition with Pluto. But beware: Frustrations easily arise as you attempt to troubleshoot. Situations may be a bit chaotic in the moment, which can make you feel out of control. Resist the urge to micromanage your collaborators. Instead, engage them in a problem-solving conversation. Remember: You’re in this together, Sagittarius!

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