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The new month begins enveloped in intimacy and intrigue as the Sun moves through Cancer and your private, merger-minded eighth house until July 22. While you’re perfectly content with your independence, you’ll go much further now by being a strategic team player. Pool your powers with a mastermind and they’ll multiply exponentially. But easy does it, Sagittarius. Four of the five slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are all in powered-down retrograde for the rest of summer. As much as you want to dive in and push a project or relationship over the finish line, you’ll benefit from taking your time to carefully go through each step of the process. That doesn’t mean you can’t dream, plan and discuss, though. Once the Sun moves into Leo and your visionary ninth house on July 22, followed by a talkative Aquarius full moon the next day, big ideas will be flowing nonstop. Use the last week of July to explore all the opportunities being made available. Next month, you can start whittling down the options and choosing which (or who) gets that metaphorical final rose.


Mars, Saturn and Uranus butt heads in early July

Easy there, tiger! The first few days of the month find you on the fast track to exponential growth. But is your “more, bigger, faster” approach destined to crash? With speedy Mars blazing through Leo and your expansive ninth house until July 29, Sagittarians are going big. But your legendary impatience could bite you on July 1, when Mars stares down cautious Saturn in your communication sector, demanding that certain details be hashed out before you take this major leap. On July 3, Mars gets snared in a heated square with volatile Uranus in your health and organization zone. The devil’s in the details, Archer, and there’s no skipping over those crucial fine points. Stress levels could skyrocket, leading to a meltdown if you insist on multitasking. While you don’t have the luxury of slamming on the brakes, racing too far above the speed limit will put you on a collision course you’ll want to avoid. Slow down, read the fine print and do this right! 

The Sun is in Cancer until July 22

With the Sun in emo Cancer and your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures until Thursday, July 22, you’ve got permission to hang the “do not disturb” sign and focus on something that’s weighing on your mind. Is there a nagging unanswered question about a relationship or a high-stakes joint venture—or might some kind of inheritance be headed your way? The gift of Cancer season is its reflective powers, which can help you shed layers of your identity that no longer feel like “you.” Take a deep, transformational journey inward and hear what your inner guidance has to say about a subject that’s confounded you. Dive into a research project or slip behind the scenes. Don’t worry, you can emerge from this cocoon when Leo season begins on the 22nd. Until then, do that internal processing so you’ll be cleared for adventure in late July!



The July 9 Cancer new moon could make partnerships permanent

Intrigue and intimacy ignite when the Cancer new moon arrives on Friday, July 9. All that ruminating and reflection hasn’t been in vain, Sagittarius. In fact, it could point to an exciting new opportunity to invest—either financially or emotionally. Are you ready to team up for mutual gain? A binding partnership could develop between now and the January 17, 2022, Cancer full moon. It could be a lucrative joint venture or a romantic relationship that blends mind, body and spirit. In this hyper-erotic zone, the Cancer new moon could set the stage for a sizzling encounter, and it can also launch you into a more permanent expression of your love, such as buying property, getting engaged—or pregnant. Is your bond truly “meant to be?” Longtime couples or business partners could be inspired to pool your resources on a project. If you’re seeking investment or paying off debt, this new moon could prompt a savvy solution. Thinking of “buying the crypto dip” or putting money into real estate? Explore the possibilities and crunch the numbers carefully.



Chiron turns retrograde on July 15

What are you camouflaging, Sagittarius? Deep-diving Chiron turns retrograde (backward) on July 15 in your fifth house of passion and self-expression, helping you embrace some of the traits you keep under lock and key. If you tend to play the comedian to throw people off your trail, it’s time to stop hiding behind the jokes. Between now and December 19, go even further with breaking down the barriers to being authentically you. Own your “weird” side—celebrate it, even! Chances are good that others will revel in your realness. And if they don’t, why are you hanging out with them anyway?


It’s Leo season starting July 22

Sweet freedom! You’ve been a studious Sagittarius hanging out in your cave for the last four weeks, but let’s face it, you much prefer open air and sunshine. Here comes some well-earned adventure, Archer. Leo season kicks off on Thursday, July 22, activating your ninth house of new ideas, travel and exploration. As the natural ruler of this zodiac house, you’re always “in the zone” during Leo season, and it may well be your favorite part of the year. For the next four weeks, apply all that heavy emotional processing and transformational work you did during Cancer season—or just leave it in the rearview. Set your sights on a visionary project, perhaps one that involves education, entrepreneurship or metaphysical study. Is it time for a long-overdue vacation? Get back into the world, whichever parts you’re able to visit, and connect with like-minded people who may be far away in miles but simpatico in every other way.


July 23 brings the first of a rare duo of Aquarius full moons

Start spreading the news again, Sag. On July 23, you could make an announcement, or you may get a long-awaited update on a project you’ve been working on since earlier this year. Today brings the first of a rare TWO full moons in Aquarius, which will activate your communication zone today and again on August 22. Since your projects and ideas are the focus of this silvery lunar light, this is the perfect day to drop a new product or launch one of your genius ideas. Innovative Aquarius has a big impact on all things technological, so tap into the digital domain to get the word out farther. Whatever the message, it most likely relates to something that’s been brewing since the February 11 Aquarius new moon. Siblings, neighbors and friends all fall under the third house. If you’ve been meaning to rally the squad for a proper catch-up, invite your favorite members to meet for rooftop drinks or a day at the beach. Tell them to bring THEIR friend, and you could expand your crew and possibly even meet a kindred spirit.

Jupiter retrograde backs into Aquarius on July 28

Look who’s talking again! On July 28, your ruling planet, Jupiter, which has been retrograde in Pisces and your domestic fourth house since June 20, will reverse into Aquarius and your third house of communication until December 28. Your chatty side could make an appearance again, though you’ll want to think before you speak! 


After spending all of 2021 in Aquarius (and making you a multitasking social butterfly), Jupiter moved into Pisces on May 13, a total change of pace. You may have become more reflective and internal, perhaps even brooding, while the planet of expansion spotlighted your emotional fourth house. Now prepare to end that mini-hibernation. For the next five months, Jupiter will travel through Aquarius, in tandem with structured Saturn. It’s time to craft and refine your message, work with kindred spirits and polish up your skills.


While Jupiter is retrograde through October 18 (and Saturn until October 10), choose your dynamic duos with great care. You could hear news that you’ve been waiting for; old projects could start up again; and friends may resurface. Relationships with local friends, colleagues and siblings can be strengthened AND strained under these retrogrades. Heed the saying that “good fences make good neighbors” and keep strong boundaries in place. 


With more social spots reopening, it’s a great time to reunite with the people you haven’t seen in far too long, even if you keep those hangouts al fresco. Got a brilliant idea in the works? Resume negotiations or pick up a stalled collaboration on a creative project, perhaps one that involves writing, media or teaching.




Venus and Mars are in Leo for most of the month

Go wide! For most of this month, both Venus and Mars are in Leo and your worldly ninth house, stoking your love of freedom, adventure and travel. The ninth house is your sign’s natural home base, so you’ll feel more in your element. (Venus is here until July 21, Mars through July 29.) Couples can take a long-overdue vacation together. You might also be inspired to learn a new skill, start a business or explore metaphysics and personal growth together. Single? A diversified dating portfolio is a Sagittarian must, so if you’ve been stuck on a “type” for a while, this cycle can widen your horizons. You could fall for someone from a different background or who lives a few time zones away. Since the ninth house rules higher learning, you might meet someone through a workshop or at an event, especially one where the subject matter centers around expanding your human potential.


Venus enters Virgo on July 21

What’s your romantic end game, Sagittarius? Sensual Venus settles into Virgo and your ambitious tenth house until August 16, turning your thoughts toward matters (and goals) of the heart. Don’t settle for anything less than the best! With Venus charging through your career zone, an unexpected romance may spark in the workplace. But you know the drill: Take it OUT of the office if you’re going to explore (and keep those flirty chats off the company Slack and email servers). Coupled? Have an honest discussion about where the relationship is heading. Once you’re both on the same page, you’ll have plenty of momentum for pursuing your shared dreams!

Mars joins Venus in Virgo on July 29

On July 29, intensifying Mars swoops into Virgo and joins Venus in your tenth house of structure until September 14, setting your sights on long-term commitment. Mars can crank up the pressure, so you might feel stressed about meeting someone’s rather explicit expectations. On the one hand, you don’t want to lose a good thing, but on the other hand, what’s the rush? It could be you who’s talking timelines and ultimatums, perhaps trying to pin down someone who keeps wriggling out of your grasp. Sagittarius, you of all people should understand how unpleasant it feels to be backed into a corner. Give this person some breathing room, and they’ll either come around or admit they’re just looking for short-term fun.


Career expansion will be on your mind, but so will visions of “happily ever after.” Single Sags might meet someone at work or through an industry-related function. Tag along with friends to THEIR events to double your options. In a LTR? Sometime in the next month or so, sit down and intentionally make some shared future plans that you can both look forward to. Book a few VIP dates where you can dress to impress and make a power-couple debut!



Your big-picture sign doesn’t like to get bogged down in the details. But while the Sun visits Cancer and your investigative eighth house until July 22, you’re invited to take a deeper plunge. Pay attention to the little things you’re often too busy to notice rather than starting a million new projects. The divine is in the small things! The July 9 Cancer new moon could bring an opportunity to invest, explore a real estate deal or forge a joint venture. Your combined superpowers could unleash a major win-win in the coming six months. Got a message to share—or an idea for a book, podcast or media project? The July 23 Aquarius full moon beams into your communication sector, putting your clever concepts in the spotlight. Whether it’s audio, video or written, find a way to share your novel perspective with the world. Even better? On August 22, a rare second full moon will arrive in Aquarius, giving you a double dose of charisma and captivating presence. With this lunar lift hitting your local affairs sector, your own community or friend circle could be the first place to start spreading the news.

Love Days: 29, 6

Money Days: 14, 22

Luck Days: 11, 20

Off Days: 4, 9, 18













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