Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

If your love life has drifted off course, head back to the navigation panel this Wednesday, July 21. Passionate Venus sets sail in Virgo and your directional tenth house, helping you locate smoother waters. You prefer to go with the flow, Sagittarius, which has been known to pull you into an emotional undertow. And if that’s happened recently, it’s time to get your hands back on the wheel. FOMO aside, it will feel good to take charge of your romantic future while the love planet lingers here until August 16. Whether you’re finally blocking that chronic ghoster or laying down a “this is a dealbreaker” boundary with bae, you may decide to approach things in a businesslike manner. Nothing wrong with that. When you think about it, running a healthy relationship IS a lot like being the CEO of an organization. Over the next three weeks make it your mission to ensure that everyone feels secure and compensated—and above all that the benefits package has enough perks to keep you both happy!

Single Sagittarians would be wise to elevate your standards, but also keep them SOMEWHAT realistic. For example, you might meet the “perfect” person at a barbecue but discover they’re moving abroad this fall with no plans to return to your city in the foreseeable future. Unless you’re prepared to pull up the stakes—or make some serious sacrifices—keep long shot candidates in the friend zone. Your refusal to compromise your happiness sends a powerful message to the love gods that you want someone who is right for you…right now!

Leo Season kicks off late Thursday night (or just after midnight depending on your time zone), which is one of your favorite times each year. With el Sol beaming in your ninth house (the house that has similar properties to your zodiac sign) until August 22, you’ll be in your astrological element! With your entrepreneurial side abuzz, take more initiative at work, whether you’re developing your own venture or spearheading a new division at your corporate gig. This vibe is especially strong while motivator Mars co-pilots through Leo until July 29, so carpe diem!

The coast is clear for a major leap, Archer, even if you don’t have crystal clarity about how it will all pan out in the end. Do you have the sense that there’s more left to learn? Fill out the application for a specialized training, apply for a degree or certification program. You’re the zodiac’s eternal student, pursuing passion after passion! Already a master of industry? Pass that info on by developing a curriculum of your own. You might teach it live or as a webinar (or both) so you can tap into the global reach that your sign is known for.

Come out and mingle this Friday, July 23, when the first in a rare, back-to-back pair of Aquarius full moons lights up your social third house. Keep plans simple, leaving room for an unplanned adventure to spontaneously erupt. Just tell your bubble to invite their bubble and soon you’ll have a party pod worthy of your attention. You might wind up in a private karaoke room or lighting a bonfire on the beach—there’s no telling. But if you sense dynamic duo potential brewing, don’t play it cool! Exchange info and see what develops by the second Aquarius full moon on August 22. You might even test a short-term project by then, a savvy way to see if that synergy you’re sensing has legs.

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