Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

Although you place modesty at a premium, don’t even think about hiding your light! This Wednesday, July 21, radiant Venus gives you the ultimate glow-up as she swings into Virgo for her annual visit. People simply love basking in your aura between now and August 16. Soak it up, Virgo! But indulge liberally in self-care rituals too. Treat yourself to a spa day, learn how to make that luscious kale caesar from your favorite brunch spot. And most of all, unplug from draining energy vampires. You need to save your battery life for people who fill you up with electricity and excitement. If you’ve drifted to far into your lover’s orbit, reclaim your own center of gravity. You don’t have to “take space,” Virgo, but DO start investing time (and possibly money) in your personal development once again. Refuse to bail on your pre-existing commitments just because you’ve maybe, possibly met The One. A legit soulmate will support your personal expansion, not suck you off into their narcissistic vortex. Coupled Virgos may need to lovingly back out of a few shared activities in order to pursue personal goals. Reassure your partner than you’re not bailing; you just need time to develop your dream. That said, you MIGHT get swept into a polyamorous relationship with the muse between now and August 16. When creatrix Venus visits your sign, you can churn out your most inspired works. Book studio time or set up a space in your home to create, create, create!

And when you’re tired, don’t push yourself! Catnaps could become your favorite extracurricular come Thursday when the Sun decamps to Leo and your soulfully restorative twelfth house until August 22. This low-energy spell is your annual “time out” as you ramp up to Virgo Season in a month. Sanctify your sleep by making your bedroom even more of a sacred oasis. After clearing clutter (and removing any mirrors that might be reflecting energy back to you while you’re in bed) try a no-digital-devices policy for a few nights. How much better might you sleep if you read a soothing paperback instead of scrolling through social media before you drift off? This is the perfect time to start or ramp up a meditation practice. When your mind is quiet you can hear the divine wisdom that already exists in you. If you hate the idea of sitting in lotus position, try a moving meditation like yoga or walking in silence through nature. When feelings arise that seem overwhelming, scrawl in your journal without censoring your thoughts. Are you exhausted from struggling and pushing? Bow to the natural order of things, because divine timing will inevitably be on your side. While you wait for your wishes to manifest, detoxify your diet; declutter your home. While there’s nothing better than pure H2O to flush out your system, if you’ve been considering a cleanse, the next four weeks would be an ideal time to reboot your systems in this way. When it comes to love, let “codependent no more!” be your rallying cry. It’s time to set better boundaries with the people in your world. A little light, space and air can act like Miracle-Gro for romance.

Efficiency becomes the name of your game—yes, even more than usual—starting this Friday as the first in a rare consecutive pair of Aquarius full moons powers up your sixth house. This is the “Virgo house,” which rules qualities like productivity, hard work, service and, wait for it, self-care. No one needs to nudge you to give and produce. But here’s the million-dollar question, Virgo: How often do you prioritize YOU and your needs? The next four weeks (leading up to the sequel full moon on August 22) are a powerful time for you to wrap up any loose ends. Have you been ignoring any chronic aches or pains—or, if you’re well, how can you be even more proactive with the preventative care? Get some bodywork or energy sessions on the books so you’ll be in top form by the second full moon (and Virgo season!) on August 22.

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