What function will the new ‘Metrobús baby’ have? In addition to inspiring memes and tenderness, the CDMX ‘Metrobusito’ has a purpose

The little vehicle, now known as the ‘Baby Metrobus’ or ‘Metrobusito’, is 100% electric and immediately went viral. Check out the memes he inspired and learn about the role of the ‘Baby Metro’ cousin.

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This weekend, the general director of the Mexico City Metrobús, Roberto Capuano, broke the internet after presenting the new ‘Metrobusito’ on Twitter. The curious ‘Metrobús baby’ looks like a scale replica of the units that are currently operating, with the same colors and legends. This little bus is 100% electric and already stars in funny memes , although few know for sure what its function will be.

In the publication, which so far has more than 2.1 million likes, the official pointed out that the ‘Metrobusito’ was the result of a collaboration between the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , the VEMO company, the Ministry of Education, Science, Capital Technology and Innovation (SECTEI), the Chapultepec Forest and, of course, the CDMX Metrobús .

Although he did not explain in detail what the function of the ‘Baby Metrobús’ will be , Capea commented that it is “a mobility experiment” , so it is speculated that it would be the first step to test the integration of electric vehicles in this transport network.

Just two years ago, in August 2019, the capital authorities presented what we could consider to be the older cousin of the ‘Metrobusito’ , the ‘ Baby Metro’ . While they both caused similar levels of cuteness and reactions, their role is very different.

When the ‘Baby Metrobús’ was unveiled, they clarified that its function was to transport personnel who perform night work on the tracks. In addition, it served to make test runs on Line 1, before resuming its operation after the fire of last January .

Both vehicles have caused such a sensation, that there are Internet users asking that they do the same with other capital transport, which would not be a bad idea.

Of course, the ‘Metrobusito’ was showered with memes and here are a couple to brighten up your day:

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