WhatsApp Web already allows you to edit photos before sending them, we tell you how to use the new Drawing Tools tool

With the new WhatsApp Web update Drawing Tools you can edit photos and even add stickers to them before sending them from the PC version of the app, see how it works.

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The most popular messaging app in the world continues to implement changes to improve the experience of its users. Now, WhatsApp Web released the Drawing Tools tool, which allows you to edit photos before sending them from the PC version of the application.

Until a few days ago, if you wanted to cut or rotate an image before sending it via WhatsApp Web from your computer, you had to edit it from your computer or with an external editing program, then save it and then load it into the messaging app.

As revealed by the specialized site WABetainfo , the new function allows you to edit your photos online and even add stickers, text and drawings, something that we could only do from a mobile device.

The best thing is that you don’t need to change any settings or do anything extra to enable Drawing Tools in WhatsApp Web , as it will appear automatically.

How to use the WhatsApp Web photo editor?

Unlike other more ‘hidden’ functions of WhatsApp for mobile or web, the photo editor is extremely easy to find and use.

  1. Open WhatsApp Web from your desktop and log in with your account.
  2. Enter any of your chats and press the clip icon that is in the bar where the message is written. In some versions, a camera icon appears directly on the bar instead of the clip.
  3. Choose the ‘Camera’ button to take a new photo or ‘Photos & Videos’ to send an image from your gallery.
  4. Once the image has been selected, before sending it, the screen will appear where the message that accompanies the photo is normally added. At the top you will see the editing options : add emojis, stickers, text and a pencil to make drawings ‘by hand’, as well as the tool to cut and rotate, and the ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ buttons.
  5. Now you just have to play with these options until the image is just the way you want and that’s it! You can now send it as any message.

Although this change is an advance for those who use WhatsApp Web , at the moment it only allows to edit still images (not video), and it is not possible to add animated stickers either. Let’s remember that the app owned by Facebook recently released the emojis in 3D in the tools section, something that is not available in the PC version either.

The portal clarified that this tool is in the development phase and for now it can only be used by those who have the beta version of WhatsApp . If it does not appear yet, do not worry, it is a matter of days or hours, since it will soon be extended to all users in the world.

Other changes in WhatsApp

In recent months, WhatsApp has presented several new features as part of its reinforcement process, after the flight of users to other messaging apps such as Telegram , due to discontent over its new privacy policies .

Thus, in recent months they have added functions such as accelerating the speed of audios , sending photos and video that can only be viewed once and the long-awaited multi- device function, among others, to use the app on up to four computers at the same time.

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